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Our Services

We believe in work, not in words

Apart from that, here we also offer complete advice and consultation service across the IT infrastructure in order to support the clients completely in their buying decisions. Apart from that, we also offer advice and comprehensive support on configuration and logistics.


■   All Branded Laptops & Desktops for Sale
■ Deal with all products from Apple (Desktops,
     Notebooks, iPod)
■ Assembled Desktops for sale
■ Online UPS (APC & Others Brands)
■ Any server related issues
■ AMC (All IT related Service)
■ Repair any printer & Chip level Service
■ Security Systems (any type of Security Device) like     ■ CCTV or Bio-Attendence machine
■ Telephone EPBX System 


  ■  Customized Software
  ■  Hospital / Diagnostics / Polyclinic / Medical Store            Management Systems
  ■  Inventory Management Systems with Accounts
  ■  IVF Data Management Software (International                   Standard)
  ■  CRM
  ■  Tele-Radiology (Mac Based)[Learn What is Tele-                Radiology]
  ■  Transforming the Medical Full-Featured diagnostic          Imaging Solutions
  ■  Data Recovery from HDD 

Web & Networking Service

■  Web Design & Solutions
■  Ecommerce Solution
■  Hosting & Domain Name registration
■  Bulk SMS Solution
■  Networking (Windows & Mac)
■  Webserver Setup & configuration
■  Linux Setup & Support 

Web Solutions 

■  Website Development
■  E-commerce Portal
■  Domain & hosting
■  Bluk SMS & Email Solution
■  Customized Email
■  SEO & SMO


■  Printing & Stationary

GPS Customized Solution 

■  Device & Software

Why Us

No need to worry with support

24x7x365 Support

Que Systems works hand-in-hand with customers from order entry to service implementation through on-going 24x7x365 client support. 

Premium Services 

With the help of completely documented and deployed network solution and with a complete range of information, the resources offered by this company are available immediately in case of resolving any kind of system issues or performing any kind of networking maintenance.

Helping Hands 

At Que Systems we help our clients to make the confident decisions by integrating the relevant content and data, by understanding their requirements, by creating intelligent IT solutions with the help of the industry leading methods, analytics and by offering services which increase the utility of the solutions offered by us.


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GPS Tracking Solution 


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